Belinda Bean Photography

artist statement

What drives me as a photographer is the ability to capture the beauty of light, form, texture, composition and shape. With my camera I am able to instantly capture a moment in time, a moment as I have seen it through the lens. I believe that by using light, form, composition and tonal contrast as the central vocabulary of my work, the aesthetics of an image is of higher importance than the concept.

A formal description of my practice would include the aesthetic and tactile quality of the photographs. Creating pictures around repeating elements or patterns provides picture unity and structure. Pattern repetition creates rhythm that the eye can comfortably follow. When lines, shapes and colours within a picture occur in an orderly way they create patterns that often enhance the aesthetic quality of a photograph. Due to this, my work is taken over many locations from beaches to cities.

More often than not the subjects that I photograph are not intrinsically beautiful, but by observing shapes and patterns I can create something more interesting. I achieve this is by extracting the meaning from the subject; what has been photographed is not always apparent to the viewer and is not important. Therefore, it is not significant what subject I photograph, but what compels me to take the picture. With the importance on aesthetics there is no wrong response to the images; be it positive or negative the work responds to something within the viewer.

A factor that is very important in my work is selecting the right moment, something that can be lost in a fraction of a second. Due to the constant changes in nature and life which are not fixed, our skill must be one of prediction and patience. The design element in nature and light, acts as my constant passion or drive to take a photograph. Therefore, the moment for taking a picture is crucial to the success of an image. I believe the power of photography is within the capture of a moment.

by Belinda Bean ::: BA(hons), PGCE, MA, CPC

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